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Synopsis of Quanzhou Medical College

文章來源 :學校概況   閱讀次數 :  發布時間 : 2017-11-29 09:27 字號 :

  Quanzhou Medical College lies on the bank of Luoyang River of Quanzhou, a cultural metropolis in the East Asia, famous hometown of overseas Chinese and well-known historical cultural city of China. It is a full-time public national exemplary (backbone) medical and health higher vocational college. In the past 80 years, the college has gradually conceived a management conception in running school upon teaching quality, talents, characteristics and scientific research, and has summoned up a college motto of “Sincerity and Dedication”. So far, the college has graduated more than 40,000 diversified professional health technical students.

  The college was originally founded in 1934 as Huishi Senior Nursing School. The name of it was changed to Quanzhou Health School in 1986, and was upgraded to Quanzhou Medical College with the approval from the Ministry of Education in May 2004. The college achieved an excellent grade in the evaluation by the Ministry of Education on talent level of higher vocational schools in 2008 and was affirmed as an exemplary higher vocational school / college in Fujian Province in 2009. It passed the acceptance check of the project of national backbone higher vocational colleges and was entitled as the national exemplary (backbone) medical and health vocational college in 2014, which is the unique college that holds this title in Fujian Province and the third one in the entire country. It was qualified as a cultivated organization in the project of “Fujian Provincial Exemplary Construction Project for Modern Vocational Colleges” in 2015.

  The college consists of three campuses located in Luojiang and Qingyuan district respectively, which cover an area of 490.18 mu with a total floor space of 203,797.26 square meters. The total area of on-campus practical training bases is 41,886.21 square meters, and the value of instrument and equipment for teaching and scientific research is up to 70,280,000.76 yuan. The college library is well furnished with a collection of over 503,000 volumes of books. Currently, the college has 6 affiliated hospitals, 109 practical teaching hospitals and pharmaceutical enterprises throughout Fujian province. There are 466 staff members with 318 professional teachers in the college, among which 109 holds associate senior or senior professional titles, 1 enjoys the State Council Special Allowance, 2 was entitled as Provincial Colleges and Universities Teaching Masters, and 90% are “dual high caliber teachers”.

  The college comprises 11 schools and departments, i.e. School of Clinical Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Medicine, Inspection Prevention Institute, School of Stomatology, Department of Basic Medicine, Department of Social Science, School of Continuing Education, Research Institute for Development of Higher Vocational Education, Information Center for Scientific Research and the Library. It offers 16 majors of Clinical Medicine, i.e. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stomatology, Medical Imaging Technology, Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Bio-pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Drug Quality Detection Technology, Rehabilitation Technology, Public Health Management, Medical Laboratory Technology, Hygienic Inspection and Quarantine Technology, Chinese Pharmacy and Preventive Medicine. It recruits national wide students of both science and arts. There are 7838 full-time undergraduates in it. In addition, it offers 8 majors for the adult education, i.e. Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, Public Health Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing, and has an enrollment number of 2298 correspondence course students at present.

  The college advocates an educational core of high-quality personnel cultivation, and actively promotes the reform of education and teaching. Up to date, it has 1 pilot project of the first batch of outstanding doctor training plan funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, 2 projects of “the development capacity of higher vocational school professional service industry” by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, 1 national teaching team, 2 provincial outstanding teaching teams, 6 provincial higher vocational excellent majors, 9 provincial exemplary majors of higher vocational education, 13 provincial higher vocational excellent curriculums, 2 national training bases supported by the central government finance, 3 training bases of higher vocational education supported by the provincial government finance and 3 provincial productive training bases of higher vocational education.

  In the future, the college will keep taking efforts to promote the construction of the exemplary modern vocational college in a connotative development way with a factual and realistic work style and a daring to struggle and win spirit, in order to create a “first class on the west side of the Taiwan Straits and domestic well-known” medical higher vocational college.

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